How To Walk It Out In Faith

So you’re in a faith fight, well below are some tools that have helped me along the way and could help you too:

1.   Find verses and use those to speak over yourself daily and to compose a prayer.  When you use the verses to speak over yourself and to the situation, even if you don’t believe what you are saying.  Keep saying it and praying it until you start to believe it.

2.    Do research in the bible regarding your problem. Find stories that relate to your situation and use their story to build your faith up because if God delivered them, then He can do it for you too. He loves us all the same.

3.    Keep inspirational quotes, verses around your house, car, and on your phone. So on those really hard days, you will have quick access of words of encouragement to uplift your spirit.

4.    Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, who will speak life to and over your situation and will pray with and for you.

5.    Don’t keep discussing all your problems with everybody, it will only feed into those negative thoughts and emotions. Discuss this situation with God more than you do with other people. In your discouragement He will encourage you, if you let Him.  (If you decide to talk to someone about your problem, make sure it is someone who can give you Godly advice.  You will know it is Godly advice because it lines up with scripture.  God would never ask you to do something that doesn’t line up with His word.)

6.    Praise and worship is an awesome tool to use. When you do this you get the focus off of yourself/problems and your complete focus goes to God and His goodness.

7.     Whenever you think about your problem, take that thought captive and surrender it to God. Choose to think about Him, or speak God’s word over the thought.

8.    Get a word into you from a pastor that you know preaches God’s word from the bible. You need to be fed by the word of God, so you can be uplifted and your faith can be strengthen during this time.

9.    Start spending more alone time with God, this will help you develop a more intimate relationship with God.  The more you know Him, the more like Him you will be.

10.   Stay strong, don’t give up or give in to anything that is not of God. You can make it!

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