Surrender Fear

Lord, we thank you that there is no one greater than you that we can look too.  Lord we thank you for being a God who we can run too.  Father, we thank you for your grace that is sufficient that you give to us daily.  Lord, we thank you for supplying strength and courage to us when we need it.  Lord we come to you today because we have fear in our life that we are struggling with.  We have allowed it to to reign, rule and direct our lives which is giving fear a place that only you should hold in our lives.  The feelings of fear are sometimes so overwhelming, paralyzing and unbearable. But we know Lord that fear does not come from you because your word says You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  So Lord we run to you today and surrender our fears.  The fears that are ungodly to have, the fears that cripple us from moving forward into our calling, the everyday fears that stop us from living the abundant life Jesus died for. We lay them all down right before you and ask that you speak to every ungodly fear we have so that it may be removed.  Guard our heart and our mind against the spirit of fear. Take our fear and replace it with your love because your word says perfect love drives out all fear (1 John 4:18).

Show us how to rise up against fear with faith.  So that we can walk by faith and not be moved by what we see.  Whenever we feel fear give us courage like David to fight against our Goliath of fear and win.  Because Lord, you have given us authority over the enemy, so therefore we can walk in authority over the enemy of fear.  So Lord show us the power we have in this great authority you have given us to be more than a conquerors over fear.  Lord help us to no longer run from fear.  Help our ears to be closed to the voice of fear.  And deliver us from any grip that fear has on us.  Lord we decree and declare that fear is powerless when it comes up against you so therefore since your power lives in us then fear is powerless to us.

Help us to walk in fearlessness. Help us to not let the enemy come to steal, kill or destroy us by using fear against us.  Help us to fight against his deliberate strategies of using fear to get us to go against  you, your word, your will, your plan and purpose for our life.

If there is any certain way we are living our lives that is fueled by fear, let it be revealed to us.  Show us where we have allowed fear to take root so that we can allow you to pull the root up and replace it with seeds of love, strength and courage.

Let us not have fear of people or the rejection of people and instead have courage when dealing with people or the rejection that comes from it.  Whenever we feel fear, remind us that our trust and confidence should be in you.  And give us your peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

We pray all these things under Your Son Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN!


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