Surrender It All To God – Prayer 2

Heavenly Father, reveal to us any area that we have not surrendered. For our desire is to follow You and Your lead. Lord, whenever we step out of alignment of your will, show us where we have done so. Lord equip us with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to walk daily in surrender to You. Lord, today we will stop fighting with You, hiding from You and resisting to live according to Your will. Lord, we will abandon living in our own will, and relinquish control of our lives over to You. Lord we submit ourselves and our life to You (James 4:7). Lord we know we can’t live in triumph over our struggles unless we surrender to You. We also know that we can’t have bold faith unless we walk a life totally surrendered to You. Lord, the only way we can see a resolution to our problems is by giving them over to You.  Because surrender is never about us giving up but all about us letting go.  We want to walk a daily life surrendered completely to you, but we will need your help to do this.  We don’t want to pick back up any of the things we have given over to You, so please remind us when we do.  We are letting go of everything that has hindered us from moving forward in life and we are handing over everything that has been in our hands long enough.  Lord, we give it all to You.  We lay it at your feet because there is nothing more we can do with this but give it to You to handle.  There is nothing that You can’t do and nothing to big that You can’t fix.  So we surrender it all to You. Lord we surrender our disappointment, hopelessness, negative emotions, insecurities, defeating behaviors and we turn it over to You in Jesus Name. As we surrender to You Lord, please give us Your peace.  Fill us today with more of You and less of ourselves. And we thank You for helping us to surrender everything to You and walk out a surrendered life.  In Jesus Mighty Name We Pray, Amen!

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