Lord Draw Close & Fill Me

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Your grace and mercy that you give us daily.  Thank you for our blood covering that keeps us protected.  Thank you Lord for everything that is being done on our behalf in the background of our lives that we can’t see.  Lord, we long to please You and glorify Your name.

Lord, show us where we have allowed emptiness to settle in us. Please reveal to us exactly what we have been doing to cover and conceal our emptiness.  Expose to us what we have used as temporary fixes to fill these voids.   Help us to bring healthy and fulfilling habits into our life.  Lord, we need You.  Come and pour into us so that every whole can be filled by You.  Fill us up with more of You.  Fill us Lord, till we overflow. Overwhelm us with more of Your love, peace, joy, wisdom, understanding, compassion and mercy to show ourselves and others.

Lord, as we draw closer to You, draw closer to us and take us into a deeper knowing of who You are.  Open our eyes where we might be blnded and gives us new sight to see with.  Let our sight be stronger and more advanced in seeing You work in every area of our life.  Let our sense of hearing be heightened to only Your voice.  Help us to trust that still small voice we hear more and be obedient to taking action regarding what it has spoken.

Lord have your way in us so that we can do what You purposed to happen through us.  Lord help us to make time to pray, read your word, worship You and sit quietly in Your presence.  Help us to keep You as the #1 priority in our lives.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


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