Our Insecurities Can’t Rule Us

Heavenly Father,

Thank you Father that even with our own insecurites we are absolutely secure in You. For Father, You are are with us always and You are never letting go of us.  Thank You for being such an incredible Father to us.  Lord, You reign supreme over us and that’s why our insecurties cannot rule over us. So Lord, we ask that You expose to us every insecurity we have so we can acknowledge it and surrender it to You.  Lord, bind up every tactic that the enemy would try to use from our past in our insecurities and turn them around by delivering us from them so we can be victorious over them and You can make them work for our good.  For Lord, only with You can we conquer them because You have given us authority and power to trample over our enemies and nothing will harm us (Luke 10:19).  For every insecurity that has taken root in us and where we have allowed it to make a home in us, we boldy declare that each and every single one has been evicted today.  Lord, help us to change our behavior that fed into our insecurities and guide us to walk upright as a new creature in You.   Enlighten our mind to think about ourselves as You do.  Give us eyes like Yours so we can began to see our selves as we should.  Lord, teach us how to see ourselves as a beautiful creation that is worthy of receiving every good thing you have for us.  Impress on us that we are enough just as You have made us to be with our own uniquness that makes us who are.  Show us that we are valuable and precious to You because we are unconditionally loved by You as Your child.  Change our perspective to Yours so that we know when you made us You made a masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) in Your own image.  Stir up in us what Your word says about us so when the enemy tries to get us to come into agreement with one of his lies we can rebuke it in the name of Jesus.  Whatever might be blocking us from having Your perception about who we are, we ask that You reveal that to us so can turn it over to you in prayer.  For every word that the enemy tries to use against us let us be reminded that no weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isaiah 54:1

In Jesus Mighty Name We Pray, AMEN!!!


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