Extended Version – Prayer of Jabez

Thank you just for who you are and all that you are to me.  Thank you for your love, care, attention, answered prayers, provision, protection, and everything that you do for me.  Give me a better and bigger view of my life, reveal what you had in mind for my life to me. Generously bless me indeed and help me to touch others in ways that move them closer to you.  Enlarge my place and territory with more responsibility and multiply over and over that which you have given me.  Give me more wisdom and discernment as my territory expands beyond my wildest dreams.  Bless it greatly and use it for your purposes.  Help me to be in proper position to make a greater impact on this world by submitting my unique gifts and talents to be used to glorify your name.  Expand my borders and remove any limitation that I put on myself about what I can do and who I can become.  Throw wide open the doors of new opportunities because your hand is upon me.  Guide and direct me as my responsibility grows.  Let your power, presence and provision be there in my moment of need. Help me to be filled and led by the Holy Spirit, where the presence of your hand is evident in my attitude, mood, spirit, tone of voice, actions and words spoken. Reveal your perfect strength through my weaknesses.  Don’t let me believe any lie of the enemy but show me how to take my thoughts captive and into the obedience of Christ.  Renew my mind to only believe the truth in your word. Lord, keep me from evil and don’t even let me approach that which will tempt me to sin or cause pain to you, myself or others. In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray AMEN

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