Prayer – Declare God’s Word

Father, Thank you for your word that is true, alive, active and has the power to change things (Hebrews 4:12).  Remind me to declare your word above any other.   As, your word is life giving, soothing to my ears and it brings comfort to my soul.  So, let your word speak to my heart when it’s troubled.  Let your word speak to my mind when I’m worrying over things I cannot control, and give me an expectant faith to believe things will change.  For your word will not return to you unfulfilled, but it performs your purpose and fulfills the mission you sent it out to accomplish (Isaiah 55:11).  Show me how to put your word into application in every area of my life, so I can live according to it.  Help me continually declare your word throughout each day and stay focused on it.  In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen! 

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Hello Everyone, I am a Christian blogger who writes propelling faith-filled messages and fervent prayers to give hope to those who read them. Through my writings I want to lead my readers to learn more about God, develope their own personal relationship with Him, and how they too can overcome the obstacles they face. My life's mission is to make an impact on this world by encouraging, inspiring and uplifting others. Have a Blessed Day!

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